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Advantageous Business Marketing and Product Branding With Genuine Retro Neon Advertising Wall Clocks

Very few businesses offer products or services that are so unique that they can be considered one of a kind or exist without a great deal of brand competition. It is therefore very important for a business owner when advertising to project their company and brand in a manner that sets them apart from all the rest. In this digital age many businesses try to build website only to find that developing an organically searchable website is not as easy as it may seem and often requires costly professional help. The other drawback is that managing the site is a full time job and all too often because search engines constantly change required text relevance, meta title and keyword criteria to name a few many sites never achieve a searchable page ranking.

To help brand their product or service many businesses have turned to retro styled advertising. Forms of retro marketing and branding include newspaper ads, media mail, billboards and for deeper advertising budgets TV and radio. One could also include in this list brochures and business cards. The problem with these formats is that they are not particularly attention getting and all too often are discarded, ignored or lost. The challenge is to use a marketing and branding venue or tool that is unique to your business and sets you apart. For example many years ago I did business with a company that used commissioned sales personnel. In the beginning I worked with a couple of very reliable salesmen and each would hand out their standard paper business cards. However there was one salesmen who handed out custom made brushed aluminum business cards, this set him apart from the rest from that point on I always remembered to call him.

One vintage marketing tool that is overlooked is the neon wall clock. Genuine neon has an advantage over other forms of wall or window advertising because it draws immediate attention. Neon also is seen as a reminder of simpler times for the boomer generation and as cool to younger people enabling a business to introduce their brand and market to multiple age groups. High quality genuine neon advertising clocks cost a bit more but reflect more positively on any type of business and brand than cheap looking plastic cased Florescent bulb clocks. Another great aspect of neon marketing clocks is that they can become desirable as a decorative art form. By offering a custom logo-ed neon clock as gifts for preferred or for sale to customers a business can affordable expand their advertising and branding reach. Additionally, with their relatively low cost neon clocks are good incentives and moral builders for employees as awards for outstanding service. In conclusion, top quality neon clocks have a proven track record as a cost effective marketing and branding tool that can help a business increase sales.

Best Strategies For Large Posters Advertising

Want to know what the best strategies are for large poster printing? This is not just about wholesale poster printing of course. I am going to list down for you seven of the most effective and traditionally successful strategies that use large poster printing for advertising. Get these tricks right and you will have your color posters getting a lot more attention and responses. Let us start with a classic but basic strategy, deploying posters where the density is.

High traffic area deployment. The first best and standard strategy when it comes to advertising with large posters is to deploy them at high traffic areas. Your posters are large for a reason of course. They are that size simply because they are meant to be seen and read by a lot of people. It is a must that you give them the opportunity to do this by securing a location where lots of people pass by or hang around. Bus stops, train stations and high traffic walkways are just some of the examples of high traffic locations that you can try out.

If you can deploy your large posters to these locations, you will definitely have a more successful and efficient marketing campaign. You will have more readers reading your posters per piece, giving you more impact for a lesser effort.

Repeating large posters. Another great basic strategy for large poster printing and advertising is to repeat your large posters in one location. Sometimes one large poster is not enough for people to notice your poster message. By repeating the posting of your posters in several close locations, you can slowly drill in your poster message to them. In time those readers will probably start noticing all the similar color posters in the area and finally start reading what all the commotion is all about.

Interactive large posters. There is also another great strategy in large poster printing involving some interactivity. If you have posters that are a bit larger and have almost life-sized images and prints, you can actually make your posters a little bit more engaging to readers by making them a little bit interactive. This can be as simple as printing a poster that has a background that people can pose in for a picture. You can have an interesting background that simulates how a person looks in the beach or it can be a funny background where the person in front of the color poster might look like he is doing something else when their picture is taken.

These interactive posters can be the life of a party and you will definitely get a lot of great marketing and advertising done with them.

Question posters. You can also use the question strategy for large posters. This strategy involves using a question to catch readers eyes and hook them into reading the rest of your poster message. All you need is to ask the right question that should really attract your target readers. Once you have that, you just need to print that question prominently in the poster, and people should eventually respond quite well to it. People like answering questions or discover the answers to tough questions. You can take advantage of this curiosity when you do print large posters by doing a little advertising as people learn the right answers to the question you posted.

Hopefully you can use these advertising strategies for large color posters effectively. If done correctly, you will gain lots of benefits with such a little investment in poster printing.

Defining Unethical Practices In Advertising

Ethics in advertising can sometimes be borderline between what is right or wrong. There are rules and guidelines in place for the advertising companies to follow so they don’t upset or offend any viewers. But, what is as unethical advertising? Well, using advertising in a way that is misleading and uses false claims to get the public to buy the product they are trying to sell is unethical, because of its misuse of the information that is presented to the public. This article will show what is seemed to be unethical in advertising.

Ads that are used in the political realm can sometimes be misleading and use false information or bend the truth to get the public to sway their votes towards them. An ad in the campaign for the election between McCain and Obama used an ad with misleading information. Such as, saying that a developer received $20 million in tax payers money, but the truth was there was no money received. This can be considered unethical as they are giving false information to the public, which is done a lot in political advertisement.

An advertisement that is made should be able to identify what the targeted audience is. But, sometimes this is not always done. When advertising towards children it should be clear what the product is and what is for. As children can sometime misrepresent and not quite understand what the ad is saying, especially under the age of 12. However, some might say that it is unethical to target children under the age of 12 as, they may not understand what an ad is and view it in a way that they are not supposed to. However advertisement is constantly been shown for children like in campaigns for beverages and food in posters at schools and some debate if advertising in schools is unethical.

Just like advertisements in commercial or billboards, the internet has its own issues in advertising as well. As they can sometimes promote untrue claims and when this happens it can have a negative impact on their product and brand. There are ethical guidelines for problematic ads that can look an article, on the internet. Those ads can be misinterpreted with editorial content needs to be labeled, that is an advertisement. Otherwise it unethical when this isn’t displayed. Using advertising in this way is misleading and it shows that view the consumer as naive, which is unethical.

By not putting the right amount of information makes the public believe something in a different way because of what has been said. This may lead them into a wrong direction and buying a product that is not right for them.

Using out right lies in advertising is part of unethical advertising and doesn’t follow the guideline practices that they have to follow when demonstrating a product to the consumer. Lying about what the product, gives false information and makes them believe that something is true when it is not. Which should be avoided in advertising as it will eventually give them a bad reputation, because of its misuse of information.

Effects Of Advertisements On Children, Good And Bad Advertising Strategies

Advertisement is extremely crucial for a product to sell. For a product to be bought and used by people, they need to know about the product first. This is where advertisement comes in. Advertisement is a method of instructing people about the product, and letting them know how it can benefit them. Advertising is used as a medium whereby the recipients can be persuaded to buy a product by convincing them about the benefits. Advertising strategies have developed greatly, and research into myriad factors including the social sciences has been helpful in developing them.

The creative ads you see produced by advertisement agencies are filled with appeal and glitz, and fact is that advertisements form a good part of how we view the company or the product. The image projected is extremely crucial, and has to fit the exact market aimed at. All in all advertisement is an important tool to make people aware of the product, and in addition, project a positive image of the product as well as persuade people to buy the product. Advertising strategies nowadays are extremely influential.

Advertisement is thus a positive implement and is essential for economic growth, but it is not without some social costs. Criticism has been made of the psychological tricks used in certain advertisements, public space being filled with billboards, inundation of spam and pop ups on the Internet as well as the stereo typing that is created, wherein ads persuade more than to buy a product, they preach a different way of life by selling ideas, rather than goods, on the spot. Among the chief criticisms encountered by advertising, effect of advertisements on children has been among the top most, and what we shall deal with here.

Effects of advertisement on Children

Kids are among the connoisseurs of advertisements; they are extremely good at identifying logos, singing along to jungles, quoting slogans and the like, and are at most times fascinated the by products sold. They nag parents into buying commodities. But there is more to this, ads have a way of distorting reality and creating fake ideals and. When ideas on how to behave, what is cool and what is not is picked from advertisements, there is certainly something to worry about, on how influential these advertising strategies are.

Kids are the age group that is least resistant to advertisement, and the effects of advertisement on children cannot be ignored under any circumstance. Advertising to children below twelve has been banned in numerous countries. Children when attracted to the artificial world created by advertisements are seen to lose happiness without materialistic gains. There is also the danger of bad habits like junk food eating is picked up from advertisements, which certainly needs to be controlled.

The Pros Of Learning The Basic Employment Law Issues In New Zealand

Most workers and supervisors encounter different employment law issues in New Zealand. This excerpt will inform the above parties in regards to the diverse legal aspects of their relations on the job. They should not utilize this information to take action on their own colleagues but should seek professional help. They could however guide anyone to determine if they endure a chance against these questions case.

The employment law issues in New Zealand involves several aspects. This specific entails employment contracts, human rights, lovemaking harassment, notice period for dismissals, good belief, non solicitation agreements as well as defamation. The retrenchment involves wrongful dismissals, unjust dismissal, constructive retrenchment, cause for dismissal as well as bad faith relieve staff members.

Most people do not know that the relationship existing between an employee and their employer is a kind of deal. The employer must have a just cause to write off any of their staff. Otherwise, this violation will be termed as wrongful dismissal. There are also tips of dealing with the staff member during and right after such dismissals.

If the dismissed employee sues their employer who did not adhere to the above employment law issues in New Zealand regarding simply cause and honest dealing, then they may well receive a certain amount of greenbacks as ordered with the court of law. Every boss in New Zealand need to thus look for specialist help to determine whether they have large just cause to disregard a member of staff without enough notice. A solicitor also provide professional guidance to a employee who wishes to file a lawsuit their previous employer for wrongful dismissal according to the employment law issues in New Zealand.

Constructive termination is change regarding employment details associated with a member of staff. This will likely entail changing pay out, duties, position and title. One must acquire legal advice as this has been found to be complex. The rewards in a courtroom have been similar to inappropriate dismissals. This may also consist of harassing behaviors towards staff and breach with their privacy such as grape planting of cameras within their offices, as organized by the employment law issues in New Zealand.

Reinstatement can be sought by unfairly dismissed employees according to the employment law issues in New Zealand. That is mainly for market sectors such as railways, cable companies and banks which can be commercially regulated through the government. An employee who wants to sue for restoration is best placed to get back their career if they are under coaching by solicitors. The for suing ones employer is limited hence you need to take prompt action after the supposed inappropriate dismissal.

A boss is supposed to act in an personnel good faith and also treat each one of them fairly. The termination of employees should be candid, reasonable, forthright and also honest. The manager must not conduct his / her actions unfairly like being misleading, insensitive or perhaps untruthful. This connection must be evident because staff is being ignored and even afterwards according to the employment law issues in New Zealand. Exposure to discharge can make any worker prone to mental distress as well as reputation losses because of the manner in which they were terminated, coupled with the high probable of economic distress.

Many workers are unaware that their relationship with their boss comprises a contract. According to employment law issues in New Zealand, this is the circumstance even if it has never ever been placed in composing. They normally incorporate clauses which are not binding on an employee or even employer. This is the scenario especially if the clause is not properly drafted.

Cross Cultural Advertising

Culture affects everything we do. This applies to all areas of human life from personal relationships to conducting business abroad. When interacting within our native cultures, culture acts as a framework of understanding. However, when interacting with different cultures this framework no longer applies due to cross cultural differences.

Cross cultural communication aims to help minimise the negative impact of cross cultural differences through building common frameworks for people of different cultures to interact within. In business, cross cultural solutions are applied in areas such as HR, team building, foreign trade, negotiations and website design.

Cross cultural communication solutions are also critical to effective cross cultural advertising. Services and products are usually designed and marketed at a domestic audience. When a product is then marketed at an international audience the same domestic advertising campaign abroad will in most cases be ineffective.

The essence of advertising is convincing people that a product is meant for them. By purchasing it, they will receive some benefit, whether it be lifestyle, status, convenience or financial. However, when an advertising campaign is taken abroad different values and perceptions as to what enhances status or gives convenience exist. These differences make the original advertising campaign defunct.

It is therefore critical to any cross cultural advertising campaign that an understanding of a particular culture is acquired. By way of highlighting areas of cross cultural differences in advertising a few examples shall be examined.

Language in Cross Cultural Advertising

It may seem somewhat obvious to state that language is key to effective cross cultural advertising. However, the fact that companies persistently fail to check linguistic implications of company or product names and slogans demonstrates that such issues are not being properly addressed.

The advertising world is littered with examples of linguistic cross cultural blunders. Of the more comical was Fords introduction of the Pinto in Brazil. After seeing sales fail, they soon realised that this was due to the fact that Brazilians did not want to be seen driving a car meaning tiny male genitals.

Language must also be analysed for its cultural suitability. For example, the slogan employed by the computer games manufacturer, EA Sports, Challenge Everything raises grumbles of disapproval in religious or hierarchical societies where harmonious relationships are maintained through the values of respect and non-confrontation.

It is imperative therefore that language be examined carefully in any cross cultural advertising campaign

Communication Style in Cross Cultural Advertising

Understanding the way in which other cultures communicate allows the advertising campaign to speak to the potential customer in a way they understand and appreciate. For example, communication styles can be explicit or implicit. An explicit communicator (e.g. USA) assumes the listener is unaware of background information or related issues to the topic of discussion and therefore provides it themselves. Implicit communicators (e.g. Japan) assume the listener is well informed on the subject and minimises information relayed on the premise that the listener will understand from implication. An explicit communicator would find an implicit communication style vague, whereas an implicit communicator would find an explicit communication style exaggerated.

Colours, Numbers and Images in Cross Cultural Advertising

Even the simplest and most taken for granted aspects of advertising need to be inspected under a cross cultural microscope. Colours, numbers, symbols and images do not all translate well across cultures.

In some cultures there are lucky colours, such as red in China and unlucky colours, such as black in Japan. Some colours have certain significance; green is considered a special colour in Islam and some colours have tribal associations in parts of Africa.

Many hotels in the USA or UK do not have a room 13 or a 13th floor. Similarly, Nippon Airways in Japan do not have the seat numbers 4 or 9. If there are numbers with negative connotations abroad, presenting or packaging products in those numbers when advertising should be avoided.

Images are also culturally sensitive. Whereas it is common to see pictures of women in bikinis on advertising posters on the streets of London, such images would cause outrage in the Middle East.

Cultural Values in Cross Cultural Advertising

When advertising abroad, the cultural values underpinning the society must be analysed carefully. Is there a religion that is practised by the majority of the people? Is the society collectivist or individualist? Is it family orientated? Is it hierarchical? Is there a dominant political or economic ideology? All of these will impact an advertising campaign if left unexamined.

For example, advertising that focuses on individual success, independence and stressing the word I would be received negatively in countries where teamwork is considered a positive quality. Rebelliousness or lack of respect for authority should always be avoided in family orientated or hierarchical societies.

By way of conclusion, we can see that the principles of advertising run through to cross cultural advertising too. That is know your market, what is attractive to them and what their aspirations are. Cross cultural advertising is simply about using common sense and analysing how the different elements of an advertising campaign are impacted by culture and modifying them to best speak to the target audience.

Billboard Advertising Cost — Most Important Factors To Consider

Billboard advertising is certainly one of the most popular forms of advertising in any form of the business irrespective of the size of the business. Even though this form of advertising came into existence in the early twentieth century, it has gain good popularity in the last three decades only. But, in the last decade it has revolutionized the advertising world.

Billboard Advertising:

A billboard is a huge outdoor signboard that is usually made of wood, which is mainly found in places where there will be high traffic such as bigger cities, busy roads, motorways or highways. Billboard is also called a hoarding in normal terms. The main intention of the billboards is to create a long lasting impression on the minds of the pedestrians and the drivers that pass through these highways or roads.

Factors to consider:

However, with the increased popularity of the billboard advertising the number of billboards that appear on the roads has increased quite dramatically in the last few years. So, if you are going for the billboard advertising you should take so many precautions if you really want to make maximum out of your billboard advertising. There are so many factors that you have to consider while deciding the cost that are going to allocate for the billboard advertising:

* You should first find a proper location for your billboard advertisement to be placed. This plays a very crucial part in deciding the success of your campaign. If the location is under great demand, it is certain that you will be charged some huge amount of money.

* The size of the hoarding is the next important factor. If you are placing your hoarding in a place, which is already crowded with other hoardings, then you have to go for a very big sized hoarding. This again involves a few extra bucks.

* If you are spending good amount of money in the hoarding for its size and place then it is advisable to invest as much as possible to get the best quality design and print for that hoarding. You should assign this task to good professionals who have got good experience in doing these types of tasks previously.

So, all the above listed factors will normally contribute to the cost of the billboard advertisement. Apart from this there are other factors like local taxes, price increase due to increased competition and so on. So, the advertising department should a good amount of research and many brainstorming exercises before they decide to stick to a particular style of hoarding.
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Pregnant in Law School


KU Law student Joni Bodnar and fellow law firm interns

From left, Grant Treaster, Paul Budd, Joni Bodnar and Christopher Staley (Washburn).

By Joni Bodnar

Like many 2Ls beginning their summer internship, I was extremely nervous and worried about making a good impression, hoping for that coveted offer of full-time employment at the end of the summer. I was also one of five interns, and we all knew we most likely were competing for a limited number of offers. So, no pressure whatsoever!

KU Law student Joni Bodnar at her summer internship

I was only two weeks into that “no-pressure” internship when I found out I was pregnant. This was one of the most nerve-wracking things of all to sort through. In a normal job situation, I would simply wait the requisite 12 weeks and then make the joyous announcement to my boss and fellow co-workers that I was expecting. No big deal, right?

Well, a summer legal internship was completely different. I had only three months to show what I was made of, to show that I was a dedicated, driven employee to whom they would definitely want to make an offer of permanent employment.

My baby news created two complications for me. The first one was how to deal with breaking the news. Should I tell them I was pregnant right away so they would not think I was rude when I turned down offers of camaraderie over beers? Or should I try to hide it, and basically fib my way through those first 12 weeks, with false excuses as to why I was not fully participating? This was a real dilemma because the social aspect of the summer internship is a pretty big deal, and I did not want to seem like I was not a team player and lose an offer because I did not fit in socially with the firm.

The second issue: If I planned to hide the pregnancy until I was further along, how would I account for my perpetual exhaustion and the multiple bathroom trips as I dealt with my nausea?

I decided to put my research skills to good use and found out I was allowed to drink 200 mg of caffeine per day. I also looked up every coffee on the Starbucks menu and found out I could still have most grande lattes and be under the 200 mg mark (though it was a far cry from the quad-shot lattes to which I was accustomed).

My internal struggle with when and how to break the news was eventually solved for me when a partner jokingly gave me a hard time for not having a beer at a social function. I was 10 weeks along and had just had a sonogram of my baby a few days earlier confirming her health, so I figured now was as good a time as any to share my news.

The partners’ reactions to my news was better than I could have ever hoped, and I was immediately met with congratulatory hugs and cheers. All my fears about sharing my news were much more trivial than I had built them up in my head. No one even noticed my exhaustion or multiple bathroom trips. I felt so relieved, and I realized that even though this was a summer internship, I was still surrounded by normal people who were extremely excited to share in the joy of my baby news.

— Joni Bodnar is a third-year law student from St. Joseph, Missouri. This is her second post in a five-part series about being pregnant during law school. In future installments, Bodnar will address tackling her fall semester, planning for and delivering her daughter, and returning to school after her baby’s arrival. Her first post recounted her reaction to finding out she was expecting a baby during law school.

Law & Cultural Heriatge Course to be Offered at the School of Law


Last Spring, the University of Arkansas School of Law offered a collaborative course in Law & Cultural Heritage. We are pleased to report that this popular course will return this summer, and will once again include an option for field work in Rome. The course is facilitated by Don Judges, Associate Dean of Graduate & Experiential Learning, and is taught by visiting professors Stephen J. Cribari and Barbara Wold.

Professor Cribari is a Visiting Professional Specialist at the University of Notre Dame Law School and former co-Director of Notre Dame Law School’s London Summer Programme. Professor Cribari is a true Renaissance Man. Published poet and playwright, expert in Art and Cultural Heritage, Evidence, and Criminal Law and procedure, he has taught in law schools across the United States, in London, for the Weisman Art Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, at the FBI training academy in Quantico, for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, for the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals, and for Marine JAG.

Professor Wold is an archaeologist, anthropologist, and lawyer. She has advised museums on Native American and international repatriation, taught courses in Law & Cultural Property and Museum Legal Issues at the University of Minnesota Law School and the University of Arkansas School of Law, and worked in University and Museum General Counsel offices in private practice concentrating on cultural and intellectual property law. Professor Wold has spoken at international assemblies on issues of cultural property, museum law, and intellectual property rights and regulations. When not in Fayetteville,  Professors Wold and Cribari are able to join the class by video conference.

A description of the course is included below:

Art and antiquities inspire, intrigue, and delight.  And they cause legal problems. Collectors, museum curators, archaeologists, academics, politicians, legislators, military commanders, indigenous peoples, religious groups– all have interests in the rare and the beautiful.  Those interests may be artistic or scientific, economic or political, cultural or religious.  Art and antiquities are also commodities: they can be owned, loaned, sold, stolen, legally or illegally exported and imported.
We will consider these interests through questions such as whether the Elgin Marbles should be in the British Museum or Greece; the use of cultural property laws to take down or erect national cultural and political barriers; whether antiquities have artistic, religious, or only scientific, value; whether museums play a significant role in today’s world; whether museum directors and art conservers are bound by ethical constraints; whether the cultural heritage of First Peoples should be specially preserved.
In Rome, we will concentrate on the resolution of Holocaust-era claims regarding Nazi looting of art, illegal traffic in stolen antiquities, and the problems presented by cultural property during armed conflict. Law & Cultural Heritage Class includes required five days of classes (2 credits) and optional field work in Rome, Italy for one additional credit, May 16-22, 2015.




To Everything there is a Season


Obviously it has been a while since I have posted on this blog. Why is that? I suppose it is because I have accomplished much of what I wanted to with Law Career Blog as a solo blog. I felt I had important things to say on teaching and classroom etiquette; on law career decisions; on law firm practice; on mentoring, and more. And I have said many of them, so there you have it.

I am very pleased, though, that my posts continue to draw strong traffic month after month, year after year. What I have said here remains relevant, I think–but that does not mean I need to always rehash the same ground, all in the name of having new posts just for the sake of it.

So for now, my existing posts stand for what they are, and I am proud of them. Call me the Antiblogger, I suppose: I am blogging by not blogging.

In any event, the following is a list of posts that have generated the most interest from readers, some posts on subjects I think are particularly important, and some that are just fun. Enjoy!

Posts on Law School in General:

In a series of posts, I argued that if we want law schools to truly provide the academic and practical education that students (and employers) expect and demand, we should consider adding a fourth year to the law school curriculum. Not surprisingly, my proposal was universally condemned. Check out the comments.

See Is the Third Year of Law School a Waste of Time and Money? andIs Law School Itself a Waste of Time?

I think that too often, law students don’t step back and think about law school and their future careers in a broader perspective. That’s understandable given the workload in law school, but it’s still unfortunate. My friend and colleague Gene Theroux visited Mississippi College School of Law once to speak to students about his storied career–he opened the first western law firm offices in China and the Soviet Union–and he had wonderful advice for them. Ostensibly the talk was about globalization, but the heart of his message was to follow your heart and practice law the right way and for the right reasons. Sometimes we need to put our cynicism aside and hear things like what he said that day.

See Theroux Part Deux

Posts on LL.M. Degrees:

This trilogy of posts is perhaps the most popular series of posts on this blog–which proves that good things really do come in threes. Lots of discussion in the comments. See The Pros and Cons of LL.M.s, LL.M. Redux and LL.M.s Part 3.

Posts on Law School Exams, Teaching, and Class Strategies

Bainbridge v. Bowman. I wrote a law review article entitled The Comparative and Absolute Advantages of Junior Law Faculty: Implications for Teaching and the Future of American Law Schools–a piece I am quite proud of. In it, I use traditional neoclassical trade theory to analyze the advantages of junior and senior law faculty and make some recommendations regarding law school teaching. Professor Stephen Bainbridge of UCLA saw it, and he absolutely hated it. This posts includes our dialogue.

How to Improve your Law School Exams Grades. This wasn’t a terribly controversial post–or so I thought until I received scathing comments two years after I posted it. Some fun back and forth on that one. Maybe I should’ve retitled the post Bowman v. Someone Very Angry.

Law School Orientation Advice. Pretty self-explanatory. My own favorite piece of advice: Don’t spill a plate of food on your law school dean at the welcome reception. I actually did that–but lucky for me, I still graduated.

Computer-Free Week and Computer-Free Week, Part 2. There is a good deal of concern in the legal academy about computer use in the classroom. Is it beneficial? Is it harmful or disruptive? So one time I asked students not to use computers for one week to see what would happen. The results were pretty interesting, and as a teacher I found the feedback via the comments very useful. Perhaps the most interesting result was that student comments revealed just how prevalent the consumer mentality is among students–namely, I paid my tuition, so I can do what I want in class.

The Dilbertic Method. I definitely like this post about parallels between Dilbert’s boss and the Socratic method. If you want to see the Dilbert cartoon I am talking about, you have to click the link in the article and then enter in the cartoon’s run date on the Dilbert site.

Posts on Law Firms:

Much of the attraction to, and frustration with, big law firms has to do with the money they pay their associates. So I wrote some pieces on that subject–something I have firsthand knowledge about.

See Of Law Firm Culture and Compensation Schemes, The Problem of Law Firm Salary Distributions, and Big Firm Economics 101.

In another post, I wrote about associate pay and stress levels. In light of the recent savage downturn in the employment market, this post is perhaps more relevant than ever. See Why Associates Have More Stress than Partners.

On Interview and Job Strategies and Techniques

Job Interview Do’s and Don’t’s. The name of the post says it all.

What NOT to do as a Summer Associate. You’d be surprised what some people do. Don’t be one of them.

Posts on Movies:

Finally, I have had some fun with movies on this blog, and for some reason they were always movies starring George Clooney. First, I blogged about Syriana–see Syriana Misrepresents International Lawyers.

Then I wrote a whole slew of posts on Michael Clayton–a movie that had a lot to say about what it is (and is not) like to be a lawyer. I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about the Michael Clayton series of posts. See the following (not too originally entitled) posts:

GLC’s Mike Dailly appointed to the Board of the UK’s Money Advice Service


The Financial Conduct Authority has appointed Govan Law Centre’s Mike Dailly as a non-executive director of the Money Advice Service’s Board, along with two other new non-executive directors, Caroline Fawcett and Nicola Bruce. All three appointments commence on 1 April.

Andy Briscoe, Chair of the Money Advice Service said: “I am delighted to welcome our new non-executive directors onto the Board. Between them they bring extensive experience of financial services and also considerable knowledge of the debt advice sector. They will bring valuable insight to the Money Advice Service and their joining us strengthens the Board as recommended by the Farnish review.”

“Raising the financial capability of the UK population is at the heart of everything we do at the Money Advice Service. Our 2015/16 business plan reflects our focus on helping consumers to plan ahead for key life events such as buying a home, having a baby or for retirement”.

“Debt advice is also a key priority, encouraging more people to seek advice and continuing to raise standards across the sector. Our new board members are well placed to guide and support our talented executive team in taking forward this challenging but vital agenda.”

The Money Advice Service is an independent organisation. Set up by government to help people make the most of their money, it gives free, unbiased money advice across the UK – online, over the phone and face to face. Paid for by a statutory levy on the financial services industry, raised through the Financial Conduct Authority, its statutory objectives are to enhance the understanding & knowledge of members of the public about financial matters (including the UK financial system), and to enhance the ability of the public to manage their own financial affairs.

The EU response to migrant deaths: protection and prevention – or policy laundering?


On Monday, EU foreign and interior ministers adopted a ten-point plan in response to the recent huge death toll of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. There will be a summit on Thursday to examine the issue further, and then an EU Commission strategy proposed on May 13th. But for now, I want to examine the initial plan.

Overall, this is a very disappointing document. It’s not only vague on crucial details but more importantly focusses less on the situation of the migrants (addressing the root causes which cause them to move, and protection from drowning and persecution) and more on border control and repression. One point in the plan constitutes a rather crass example of ‘policy laundering’ – attempting to use a crisis to shove through an essentially unrelated policy objective.

Let’s look at the ten points of the EU plan in turn, then examine the ‘Australian solution’ and the ‘Christians only’ approach which some have suggested. For alternative solutions to the problem, see the proposals of the UN Special Rapporteur on Migrants, the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, Patrick Kingsley (in the Guardian), Nando Sigona, and myself.

Reinforce the Joint Operations in the Mediterranean, namely Triton and Poseidon, by increasing the financial resources and the number of assets. We will also extend their operational area, allowing us to intervene further, within the mandate of Frontex;

This is the only one of the ten measures related directly to search and rescue, although it’s not clear if this is actually intended to be a search and rescue mission. The mandate of ‘Frontex’ (the EU’s border control agency) concerns border control, not search and rescue as such. Indeed there is no mention of search and rescue here, or in the rest of the plan. Nor is there any express mention in the plan of the recent loss of life. There are no details of the extent of the increase in financial resources and assets, or the extent to which the operational area will increase.

A systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by the smugglers. The positive results obtained with the Atalanta operation should inspire us to similar operations against smugglers in the Mediterranean;

The ‘Atalanta’ operation concerns an EU military operation against pirates in the Indian Ocean. It’s clear from press briefings that the intention is to have another military operation regarding the smugglers. This will obviously entail significant costs and raises legal questions about the jurisdiction which the EU Member States have to destroy boats in the waters of third States or the high seas.

EUROPOL, FRONTEX, EASO and EUROJUST will meet regularly and work closely to gather information on smugglers modus operandi, to trace their funds and to assist in their investigation;

These bodies are respectively the EU police cooperation agency, the EU border control agency, the EU asylum support agency and the EU prosecutors’ agency. The asylum support agency has traditionally had little or nothing to do with this issue, and there is a risk that some of its funding is diverted. There is no express commitment to give it extra funds.

EASO to deploy teams in Italy and Greece for joint processing of asylum applications;

This will defray the cost of processing for those Member States and speed up processing times for overburdened administrations. It’s not clear whether this will simply be an application of existing rules which allow EASO to simply support national administrations, or whether there will be a shift to genuine ‘joint processing’ by a group of Member States or the agency as such. That would require fresh legislation.

Member States to ensure fingerprinting of all migrants;

EU legislation already requires fingerprinting of all short-term visa applicants (once the EU’s Visa Information System is fully applied, in the next year or so), residence permit holders, asylum applicants and persons crossing borders without authorisation. All holders of EU passports (ie EU citizens) must also be fingerprinted. The only gaps here are non-visa nationals coming for short-term visits (ie citizens of countries like the USA and Canada) and irregular migrants who have ‘overstayed’ after a legal entry. However, after the EU’s Visa Information System is fully applied, the second group (overstayers) will simply be a sub-category of the first group (non-visa nationals), since everyone needing a visa will already have been fingerprinted. And proposed legislation establishing an entry-exit system will require the non-visa nationals to be fingerprinted too, although it will take a number of years for that legislation to be agreed and made operational. These various categories of people are subject to different rules as regards how the fingerprint information is stored and used; it’s not clear if the intention is to change those rules.

The very odd thing here is what fingerprinting of ‘all migrants’ has to do with the issue of migrants drowning at sea in an attempt to reach the EU. It would perhaps make sense to reiterate the requirement to fingerprint all those who apply for asylum or attempt to cross the border without authorisation (as all those migrants who attempt to cross the Mediterranean are doing), but the plan clearly refers to ‘all migrants’. So we can only conclude that this is a blatant attempt at policy laundering.

Consider options for an emergency relocation mechanism;

The concept of ‘relocation’ entails moving asylum-seekers and/or recognised refugees from the Member States which have an obligation to consider their claim, or which have recognised their refugee status, to other Member States. It would obviously reduce the pressure on the Member States which receive a significant number of refugee claims from migrants crossing the Mediterranean – most notably Malta, Italy (the island of Lampedusa) and Greece. However, it would entail either suspending the EU’s Dublin rules on asylum responsibility in part (requiring a legislative amendment) or encouraging voluntary offers from Member States which are not responsible under the rules. Both options have been discussed many times over the years with no success (Dublin amendments) or very little success (voluntary offers). The wording used here (‘consider options’) is so underwhelming that little can be expected.

A EU wide voluntary pilot project on resettlement, offering a number of places to persons in need of protection;

‘Resettlement’ is the process of taking some of the people in other (non-EU) countries who need international protection and moving them to the EU. This is the only one of the ten points which offers ‘safe passage’, ie a way for would-be asylum-seekers to enter the EU without running the risk of drowning when crossing the Mediterranean. The ‘number of places’ is not specified, and it should be noted that under EU financial law, a ‘pilot project’ is a short-term programme using only a small amount of money. Furthermore, the project is expressly ‘voluntary’. Overall, it seems that this one form of ‘safe passage’ being offered by the EU is very narrow indeed.

Establish a new return programme for rapid return of irregular migrants coordinated by Frontex from frontline Member States;

EU law specifies that asylum-seekers cannot normally be removed until a final negative decision has been taken upon their application. So this refers to people whose asylum application has definitively failed, or who never made such an application and have no other ground to stay. There are procedural rights in the EU’s Returns Directive for irregular migrants, but there is no mention of them (or the asylum laws) here. Frontex already has a role coordinating joint return flights; the intention is to devote more effort (and presumably resources) to removing people from the EU’s Mediterranean Member States.

Engagement with countries surrounding Libya through a joined effort between the Commission and the EEAS; initiatives in Niger have to be stepped up.

This is the only part of the 10-point plan that hints that the EU’s relations with third countries have a role to play. It isn’t clear what this ‘engagement’ will concern. Will it focus on the conditions in the countries of origin and transit, thereby ensuring that fewer people want to head to the EU in the first place? Or is the EU only concerned with the repressive aspects, such as tracking down smugglers and traffickers?

Deploy Immigration Liaison Officers (ILO) in key third countries, to gather intelligence on migratory flows and strengthen the role of the EU Delegations.

The intention here is to obtain more intelligence on migration flows, although it’s not clear what will be done with that intelligence once it’s obtained. There will be a cost for the EU and/or Member State budgets here.

The Australian solution?

Some have suggested that the EU adopt the supposed ‘Australian solution’, of sending boats to stop the migrants reaching the territory of the EU. In fact this is a highly simplistic understanding of Australian asylum policy. The Australians do not intercept most migrants just outside their country of origin or otherwise return them there directly. Rather the policy is to send asylum-seekers to various Pacific islands for processing and to live permanently if a claim is successful. Australia gives the countries concerned significant cash in return. Moreover, Australia has a very active resettlement policy, recently increasing the numbers of permits granted from about 13,000 to about 20,000.  So the asylum policy is justified by Australia as a means to stop people ‘jumping the queue’. Also, the policy is underpinned by indefinite detention of anyone who does make it to Australian shores without authorisation.

Could this policy be applied to the EU? There are some big legal problems. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that migrants cannot simply be intercepted and returned to third States unless those States are safe (see the Hirsi judgment); it should be noted that conditions in some of the States participating in the Australian policy have been strongly criticized by human rights groups. Also, the EU’s Returns Directive bans indefinite detention of irregular migrants. That Directive does not apply to asylum-seekers, but EU asylum legislation applicable from July this year sets many new conditions regulating such detention. It’s highly arguable that detention of asylum-seekers cannot be justified (at the latest) once the final decision on the application has been made, or after the new EU deadlines to decide on asylum claims have passed. After that point the time limits for detention in the Returns Directive will apply.

Even if these legal problems could be overcome, could the Australian solution be replicated by the EU? The EU would have to find third countries willing to house large numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers, and pay them to do it. The numbers of migrants involved in Mediterranean crossings (about 200,000 in 2014) is far higher than those covered by the Australian solution (25,000 in 2012-13). So, although accommodating asylum-seekers in transit States is likely to play an important part in any long-term solution, this is easier said than done; and it’s important to note that the EU’s 10-point plan makes no mention of this issue.

Furthermore, the advocates for the Australian solution simply ignore Australia’s resettlement policy, which is one of the most generous in the world. Its 20,000 permits a year, for a population of 23 million, scale up to about 50,000 resettlement permits for the UK, and 450,000 across the EU. When the advocates of the Australian solution start to talk about that scale of resettlement, we should take them seriously – but not before.


Some have suggested that the UK and/or EU should focus exclusively on admission of Christian asylum-seekers, on the basis that they have ‘no other place to go’. Does that policy make sense? It’s undoubtedly true that some Christians face persecution, but so do many non-Christians – and Article 3 of the UN (Geneva) Convention on Refugees bans discrimination on grounds of ‘race, religion or country of origin’. It isn’t correct to suggest that Christians can’t live safely anywhere in any Arab or Muslim state: many of those States maintain the centuries-old tradition of letting Christians live without persecution, and indeed there are a large number of Christians living in Lebanon in particular. And it’s hard to see how this policy will work. Will Christians alone be rescued from boats in the Mediterranean, leaving the Muslims on board to sink? And how would asylum-seekers’ claims to be Christians be examined: by making applicants sit a Religious Education A-level on the boat? Or simply checking (for men and boys) to see if they are circumcised (and therefore likely to be Muslim) or not?


The first striking thing about the EU policy is that it pays little attention to the human emergency that triggered it: the deaths of hundreds of people, which resulted from a collective EU decision to stop search and rescue in the Mediterranean. There’s no express mention of the deaths themselves in the plan, and the Commission President’s statement on Sunday merely expressed his ‘deep chagrin’ at the deaths – as if someone had guzzled his last bottle of cognac.

Furthermore, the intention to expand the existing missions fails to mention any search and rescue aspects, and there is a very limited reference to expanding one form of safe passage.  No part of the plan mentions dealing with the situation in countries of origin, or helping countries of transit manage the number of migrants on their territory. Instead, there is a strong emphasis on expulsion of migrants from the EU. Overall, this leaves the impression that the ministers aren’t shocked that migrants have died – but rather irritated that some of them didn’t.

Arguments about the costs of rescue, or of asylum-seekers reaching the EU, are undercut by the implicit plans to spend considerable sums of money on a military mission, fingerprinting of migrants, expulsion, and intelligence gathering. So the argument isn’t really about economic cost – but the social and political impact of migration.

As for the intention to crack down on trafficking and smuggling, few will have sympathy for the vultures that profit from others’ suffering and frequently jeopardise the lives of hundreds of people. But it seems odd to focus on them in this plan without also trying to address the broader situation of the migrants themselves – as if the means by which people make dangerous journeys to the EU are more important than the reasons why they do this. On this point, the plan resembles the decades-long US policy of military missions in Latin America, trying to destroy drug crops. Admittedly, it’s harder to build new boats than to grow more drugs – but then, the migrants aren’t exactly coming on cruise ships. The policy may well have the effect of lowering the (already low) quality of vessels used to cross the Mediterranean, and increasing the cost of migrants’ journey. Unless it forms part of a broader policy which aims to deal with the root causes of migration and the position of migrants in transit countries, it could make them less (not more) safe.

Effectiveness Of Brochure Printing In Advertising

Companies nowadays have a lot of ways to reach out to their target market especially with the continuous advancement of technology. Among all these options, one way that has been proven effective and used for a long time is brochure printing.

Before discussing this further, let us first define the word brochure. Brochures are also known as pamphlets or leaflets. It is a tool for advertisement where brief and important facts about the companys products or services are written. These informative materials are then distributed by mail, displayed on rack stands, or handed out personally by representatives to potential product end-users or consumers.

Brochure printing can be very effective because of the following reasons: Easy to read: In a fast-paced world that we are living in today, companies who need to advertise their product or service must relay their message in the easiest and simplest way possible, since some people no longer have the time to stop and divert their attention to things that they do not normally do, like, reading advertisements or write-ups that do not catch their attention. Especially if you are selling a new product, you need to at least have the opportunity to grab a little time of your prospects and gain their interest, the fastest way. Brochure printing can be a perfect way to attain this goal. Your reader can easily grasp the message that you want to convey, since the information written are kept short and simple.

Portable guide: When you are advertising, the main purpose of doing so is to introduce your product and to make it known to as many people as possible. Since brochures are handy, you can easily distribute them to the people strolling in malls, or the professionals walking along the busy streets. If your product or service catches their interest, they can readily pass it on, or lend it to, someone whom they want to share the information with. Also, brochures do not only contain the direct information regarding your product or service, you can also include your companys address, email address, and contact numbers. This can serve as an alternative for calling cards which a client can bring whenever they want to purchase your product or avail your services.

Access to those who do not own a ready internet connection: Although, in todays world, a lot of advertisements are posted on social networking sites or web pages, we need to consider that not everyone has the opportunity to readily access the internet in their homes. Especially if you are marketing products that can be used by people from all walks of life, i.e. personal necessities, you have a wider scope of buyers to cater. This is when hard copies or tangible materials like brochures step in. By giving out hard copies of advertisements, the company can also reach out not only to those who are computer-literate or internet savvy, but also to those computer-illiterate ones, or even those people who are temporarily or permanently internet-deprived.

Tn Visa, A Viable Alternative To H-1b For Canadians

The TN visa, for Trade NAFTA, is a nonimmigrant visa category available only to citizens of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The TN Visa Category was created after the United States entered into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 with Canada and Mexico. The primary aim of the immigration provisions of NAFTA are to facilitate the temporary transfer of professionals between the member states, the United States, Canada and Mexico, and to support the entry of Canadian and Mexican Citizens to the United States to engage in professional activities on a temporary basis.

Qualifications for a TN Visa for a professional from Canada: To qualify for a TN Visa the applicant must demonstrate:

He or she is a citizen of Canada
The job offer in the US is one of the professions on the NAFTA list ;
The position in the US requires a NAFTA professional;
That they have a bona fide job offer from a US Employer;
They will be working in a prearranged full-time or part-time job, for a US employer (self employment is not permitted under NAFTA); and
They posses the required qualification of the profession in which you will be working in the US.

Who does not qualify for a TN Visa?

The TN visa category is available only to citizens of Canada and Mexico. Permanent residents or landed immigrants of Canada or Mexico are not eligible NAFTA made provisions only for citizens of the member countries.
TN Visa Processing and Admissions Procedure for Canadians

Because Canadians are visa exempt they may apply for TN-1 classification directly at any US Class A port of entry, at a U.S. airport handling international traffic, or at a U.S. pre-flight/pre-clearance station in Canada.

The following documentation and information is required for a TN application:

Request for admission under TN status to Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, U.S. immigration officer;

Employment Letter – Evidence of professional employment.

Proof of professional qualifications, such as transcripts of grades, licenses, certificates, degrees, and/or records of previous employment;

Proof of ability to meet applicable license requirements (if licensing is required);

Proof of Canadian citizenship Canadian citizens may present a passport, as visas are not required, or they may provide secondary evidence, such as a birth certificate. However, Canadian citizens traveling to the United States from outside the Western Hemisphere are required to present a valid passport at the port of entry; and

Payment of the required filing fees (either the Form I-129 fee at the Service Center or a modest I-94 fee at the port of entry or pre-flight inspection.

Letter of Employment:

Your prospective employer in the U.S. will provide you a Letter of Employment. The letter must indicate that the position in question in the US requires the employment of a person in a professional capacity, consistent with the requirements listed by NAFTA.

The letter should include sufficient information and evidence of the professional employment to satisfy the inspecting officer of your plans to be employed in prearranged business activities for a US employer or entity at a professional level. Part-time employment is permitted as well as having multiple employers (however you must be approved for employment with each employer). Self-employment is not permitted. The employment letter or contract should provide a detailed description of the business activities of the US, and should include the following:

Activities in which the applicant will be engaged;
The specific purpose of entry;
The anticipated length of stay;
The applicants educational qualifications or appropriate credentials demonstrating their professional status;
Evidence of compliance with DHS regulations, and/or state laws;
Arrangements for payment or remuneration; and
Although not required in all cases, proof of licensure to practice a given profession in the United States may be offered along with a job offer letter, or other documentation in support of a TN visa application.

Dual Intent:

The TN Professional Visa does not recognize dual intent. At the time of application you must demonstrate that your stay in the US will be temporary, reasonable and finite.

Duration of Stay:

The maximum period of admission into the U.S is one year. The USCIS may grant extensions of stay of up to one year at a time. There is no limit on the number of years a TN visa holder can stay in the United States. However, as noted above there is no dual intent with the TN visa and you must prove that you intent to return to Canada at the end of your authorized stay; the TN visa status is not for permanent residence.

Extension of Stay

You may seek an extension of stay, which may be granted up to one year at a time:

If you are in the U.S., your employer may file Form I-129, Petition for Non-immigrant Worker, with the USCIS Nebraska Service Center; or

You may apply at any Class A port of entry using the same application and documentation procedures above as required for the initial entry.

TN in contrast to H-1B:

The TN visa status has some similarities with the H-1B visa, but it also has some significant differences. The most important difference between H1B Visa and TN Professional Visa is that TN status does not support the doctrine of dual intent. Therefore, while you are in TN status you must be careful if you desire to pursue a green card (you should first switch to an H-1B visa before applying for the green card, or you must carefully time things so you do not have to attempt to renew your TN status after the green card application is formally pending).

Advantages of TN over H-1B are:

Although the TN is granted for only one year at a time, the number of renewals granted to the TN Visa holders is currently unlimited, whereas H-1B status has a definite time cap.

No specific forms are required for the TN application made at a US port of entry or preflight inspection, unlike the H-1B.

TN status can be directly obtained in person at a US port of entry or preflight inspection instead of having to be submitted to the USCIS for pre-approval as do most other visa applications.

TN status is available to some people who would not qualify for H-1B status.
One of the major advantages of the TN visa is that not all professional positions require that the applicant have a bachelors degree. Several TN professional positions require only a two or three year degree plus three years experience (Computer Systems Analysts, Graphic Designer Hotel Manager, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Technical Publications Writer, and Medical Laboratory Technologist), while others only require that the applicant have the appropriate state or provincial license (Accountant, Engineer, Forester, Land Surveyor, Lawyer, and the medical professions). Finally, there are two professions that do not require any formal post-secondary education to qualify for the TN status at all:

1. Management Consultant: This category generally receives a higher level of scrutiny from immigration inspectors because it is one of the two listed occupations under which one may qualify without any formal degree, and it continues to plague practitioners.

* Role of Management Consultants: Management Consultants improve the managerial, operating and economic performance of public and private companies by analyzing and resolving strategic and operating problems and thereby improving the companys operations. Management Consultants are normally independent contractors or employees of consulting firms under contract to U.S. companies.

* CBP Officials and the Management Consultants: CBP inspectors consider the management consultant category under NAFTA to be an invitation for fraud and abuse. Therefore, the very flexibility that was built into the category as an advantage (as one of the few categories without an educational requirement) has made it into a potential pitfall for pro se and uninformed applicants. Conversely, a management consultant application is one that can benefit from clear legal analysis, careful documentation, and astute advocacy. With appropriate preparation and presentation, it can fill a great need when there may be no other option.

* How to qualify as a Management Consultant: The CBP/USCIS officer may not accept a resume from the TN applicant as proof of the relevant work experience. Instead, the officer may require detailed letters from the TN applicants previous consulting assignments or employment verifying that the experience is related to the duties that he or she will perform in the United States.

2. Scientific Technician/Technologists: The Scientific Technician/Technologist category is another highly scrutinized category by CBP/USCIS officers because it also does not require a baccalaureate/licenciatura degree.

* Role of the Scientific Technician/Technologist: The duties of the Scientific Technician/Technologist must be managed, coordinated and/or reviewed by a supervisor who is a professional in the field. The Scientific Technician/Technologist must also provide input to the supervisory professionals own work.

* Key skills to be possessed by a Scientific Technician: A Scientific Technician/Technologist must possess: (1) theoretical knowledge of any of the following disciplines: agricultural sciences, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, forestry, geology, geophysics, meteorology, or physics; and (2) the ability to solve practical problems in any of those disciplines or the ability to apply principles of any of those disciplines to basic or applied research.

* How to qualify as a Scientific Technician/Technologist: In order to qualify for the category, the Scientific Technician/Technologist must have acquired his or her theoretical knowledge through the “successful completion” of at least two years of training in a “relevant” educational program. If the Scientific Technician/Technologists educational background is not clearly related to the occupation, an independent evaluation should be obtained to confirm the relevance of the training to the occupation prior to applying for the TN status.

The ability to enter the US without having to meet the bachelors degree requirement of the H-1B visa category is a great benefit for Canadian and Mexican nationals that have the experience but not the degree.

Spouses and Children of TN Visa Holder: Can your dependants accept employment in the U.S. on derivative TD status?

The spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 who are accompanying or are intending to join principal TN visa holder in the US may receive derivative TD status. Applicants must demonstrate a bona fide spousal or parent-child relationship to the principal TN visa holder. The spouse and children do not have to be citizens of Canada. Additionally, the TD spouse and children cannot accept employment in the US; however they are permitted to study in the US.

Your spouse or children intending to join you must show a valid I-94, thereby providing proof that you as the principal TN visa holder are maintaining your TN status.


TN (Trade NAFTA) visa has become one of the best alternatives to the H-1B for Canadian citizens. Not only is there no limitations on the number of TN visa available each year, there is no limit on the number of years a person can remain in TN status. Finally, the process of obtaining TN status is quick and relatively easy, and not all professions require a bachelors degree. The major drawback of the TN visa is its lack of dual intent. Before applying for the TN Visa you must make sure that your profession falls within the listing of qualifying professions as set out by NAFTA. With the emergence of TN visa, professional Canadians have been able to access the US market with greater ease and comfort.

What can you do when employment is hard to find

The economy will often go through cycles of booms and busts that have a direct affect on how the typical family does. These booms and busts will also often determine whether the times are easy or difficult for the family. However, while the entire family can suffer when a recession sets in, or when employment in the area seems to be scarce, those who feel responsible for supporting the family can suffer more. These days, it is very easy for many men to fall victim to extreme stress and depression when times become difficult, because they may not feel they are able to provide their families with what they should have.

During times when layoffs are common and employment is difficult to find, savings can disappear, bills can mount and the worries of where the money will come from for the necessities will grow. These can increase tensions in the family, especially for parents with young children, as they become more concerned about how they are going to make ends meet. It is natural for men to want to provide for their families, as well as protect them and make sure that they have everything they need. During rough times when money becomes tight, they can often feel like they are not measuring up to what their wife is expecting of them. This can put them under some stress, which can, in turn, create tension within the relationship and lead to more conflicts with their spouse. This kind of situation can become worse if the man has lost his job. While some might see this as just losing a job, many men can feel they have lost a part of themselves with the job, especially if they have been with the business for a long time. With the job goes their security, their ability to provide for their family and their self-worth. As they continue to look for work and remain unemployed, stress can turn into depression and other problems can develop.

Looking after a family and ensuring that the necessities are met is not always easy, especially for those who have always made a lower income. Losing a job can put a very heavy burden on a provider and without help or relief, it can push one in the wrong direction. Deepening depression, drug abuse and broken families can all result from the stress of losing work, and making low or no income. Speaking with an online counselor or online therapist can help to alleviate some of the worry and depression. Sometimes, during the hardest times, simply speaking to someone can help one to sort out their thoughts and realize they are not alone. Online therapy or online counseling can also help one to sort out what they need to do in order to get back on the right path in life. Regardless of what one decides to do, it is important to remember that they are no alone and that there are many others who are in the same situation they are.

If you or anyone that you know would care for more information regarding this post, feel free to visit

A Quick Look At Lawyer Advertising History

Did you know that lawyer advertising was banned until the mid-1970s? Want to know a little more about lawyer advertising? Read on

The Industrial Revolution was a decisive moment in history that marked major changes in agriculture, mining, transportation and manufacturing. There began an increase in individuals who can afford to buy not only the things they need, but also the things they want. It is the time that advertising gained ground. Advertisements for different products and services appeared in newspapers and buildings, including lawyer advertising.

Many well-established lawyers were against it. They said this would lessen the sanctity of the law, especially in the publics eyes. Moreover, it was like comparing the practice of law to a business enterprise. In 1908, lawyer advertising (except business cards) was banned by the American Bar Association (ABA) through its code of ethics, the Canons of Professional Ethics. This continued up to the mid-1970s. In1977, in the Bates v. State Bar of Arizona case, the United States Supreme Court allowed lawyer advertising on grounds of the publics right to know. The Court gave the responsibility to the Bar to regulate lawyer advertising. The Bar responded by making modifications to their code of ethics to adopt the changes.

To this day, states have adopted the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and modified it according to their needs and objectives, expressing their attitude to lawyer advertising and the publics right to information. Each state has a set of rules that govern lawyers in their area. So if you are a lawyer, or you engage in marketing for personal injury lawyers, it is best to acquaint yourself first with these rules. You need to know the limitations, requirements and ethics opinions.

Lawyers who wish to market themselves invest in Yellow Page Advertising. Here are some of the data gathered on Yellow Page Advertising for Lawyers by the Yellow Pages Association in 2003.
Yellow Page Advertising for Lawyers amounted to $1.037 billion
Attorneys as a category is referenced 328.3 million times yearly
Lawyers spent nearly as much on Yellow Page Advertising as on insurance – $387.9 million

Studies conducted also show that 90% of Yellow Pages Advertising display are
for Personal Injury (45%), Bankruptcy (20%), Criminal (12%), Family Law(10%), Workers compensation (7%).

Baby Monitor with Night Vision Guidelines to Adhere to in Guaranteeing the Quality of the Product

There is no denying that having a new bundle of joy at home can be stressful for new guardians. This compelled the mother and father to be more sensitive with the needs of their baby. Through this, mother and father will be confident that their child will grow in a great physical and mental shape. With that said, parents should never ignore their baby wailing in the middle of the day or night./p>

Nevertheless, there will be instances when guardians cannot remain beside their child. More often than not, the father is the breadwinner while the mommy will stay at home keeping the home clean. In this sense, there’s a requirement for a baby monitor. When they’ve this device in them, they’ll be self-assured to leave out their baby in the nursery room for a couple of minutes while doing a few crucial stuffs. Now, the sole question that must be answered is precisely what type of baby monitor you will be required.

There are some babies who can only sleep once the lights are turned off. This is the reason why it is quite crucial to switch off the lights in the nursery. But the thing is, it’ll be harder for the parents to look closely at their baby when there are no illumination. In this sense, baby monitor with night vision is the favorite selection of plenty of guardians. With the night vision, it will be easier to check whether your baby has already fallen asleep or not. Indeed, with a baby monitor with night vision, there is nothing to bother with your child’s safety whether the lights is turned off or on.

Having a baby monitor with night vision is really a good move knowing the proven fact that it is beneficial in your part. But before purchasing one, it is crucial that numerous aspects are considered. This is for you to be sure that the baby monitor with night vision that you are about to buy is of top quality.

Certainly, features and specs are important to take into account as far as baby monitors are concerned. This is to make sure that the baby monitor has the features and specifications that accentuate the needs of the parents and child. Find out whether it has all the functions before choosing particular baby monitor.

Also, baby monitor with night vision has a vast availability and range. This is a good thing since parents can still continue with their work even if they are feet yards away from their baby. Certainly, this can be accomplished with the mere point that baby monitors are now wireless. This makes moving around in the house a simpler move to make.

After you have determined what certain brand will you choose, then what you should do next is to buy it. What the parents should keep in mind is to purchase the baby monitor with night vision to authorized traders so as to ensure that they are having high quality one. Moreover, see if the item is in an outstanding condition before paying for it. If possible, it is recommended that you check the performance of the baby monitor first. This is to make sure that the baby monitor doesn’t have any factory faults.

There are also different websites that provide baby monitors. Nevertheless, before patronizing a particular site, you should be meticulous and you should know its reputation in the internet. This is to be sure with the site’s legitimacy. Consequently, upon buying a baby monitor with night vision, you have to pay attention to these things.

Many people spend on researches concerning the baby monitor with night vision making you to get all the required info. The main thing is the thing that you should do soon after piling up plenty of pertinent details. Reviewing or inquiring a person that is dependable enough is good if you think there is wrong with the given information. Never let anything to hinder your undertaking along the way. is the best place to learn more; this has been tried by many people.

Advertising For Investors How To Capture An Investors Attention

When you’re advertising to investors, you’ll use many of the same strategies you would use for traditional real estate advertising. However, there’s one key difference. With investor advertising, you’ll want the investors to know they are getting a special deal and really getting the best price out there.

1.Focus on the Deal. You want your investor to know they are getting a really great deal on this property. Your wording should be all about getting the deal. Use language like, “Buying at 70% of market value.” This is the kind of language that attracts the serious investor.

2.Use targeted phrases. Targeted phrases are especially important to increase web traffic. Along with your targeted phrases, you’ll use things like, “fixer-upper,” “deal,” “TLC,” “Rehab,” “Renovation,” “Sweat Equity.” Your main focus is to appeal to that investor.

3.Look what others are searching for. You’ll want your targeted phrases and investor advertising strategies to be similar to what people are already searching for. What is most popular in a Google search is also what you want to be using. This will ensure that investors come to your website. If you go to Google Adwords and type in keywords (such as, fixer-uppers, your town) you’ll end up on a page where you can see how many people are searching for that exact phrase. You can see monthly details, which can be a valuable resource for keeping your advertising fresh. This tool will also who you how many other website are coming up with similar results.

4.Meet with people in person. Technology is a wonderful thing, but once you’ve found a serious investor, who has responded to your investor advertising, you’ll want to meet with them in person. Do this at the courthouse or an auction.

Investor advertising is very similar to traditional advertising. With just a few simple changes, you’ll be able to contact investors who are interested in new properties.

A Look At Disney’s Latest Online Advertising Effectiveness Studies

In many ways, the Internet already supplies fabulous tools for marketing. For example, you know which online ads are working because you can count the number of clicks. By contrast, you really can not determine what brings a customer into a bricks and mortar store unless you stop and ask each one.

You can also determine which online ads lead to conversion by tracking clicks to sales. You can track how visitors came to your site by tracking source. You would have to ask each bricks and mortar customer detailed questions to obtain the same information.
Even though the Internet has some big advantages in terms of monitoring and analyzing data, the science of marketing has also advanced dramatically in more traditional channels because marketing researchers have had more opportunity to study customers in a face-to-face way.

Now that Internet advertising has become a seriously large business, $25 billion spent in 2009 and an expected $37 billion expected to be spent by 2013, market research scientists are beginning to bring together the research models from both environments to learn more about the Internet consumer.

Disney Media Works is one of those companies that has jumped into Internet marketing research with both feet. Their approach is to look beyond the data generated by users who actually click on ads and visit sites and study the users who do not click on ads in order to find out what they are doing and what might attract their attention.

In the Disney Labs, experimental subjects wear eye movement tracking goggles and sit in booths that are designed to monitor facial movements, heart rate and skin temperature as well. They are provided web content to read with the general instruction to enjoy content that would be interesting to them in any case.

However, the researchers are not actually interested in the subjects reaction to the reading content; they are watching the readers unconscious reaction to advertisements that are presented along with the content they are viewing. The tracking equipment can determine if the subjects eye has been caught by an ad type, whether or not the user visually lingers on the ad, which ads attract more attention and so on.

The Disney researchers are evaluating question such as whether live footage or animations are more captivating on mobile devices, if banner ads work better when paired with pre-roll (eg video clips) and whether watermarks are an effective advertising strategy.

The ultimate goal is to have rules to apply to Internet marketing, rules that have been quantitatively developed, such as ‘bottom screen news tickers do not detract from advertising and maintains viewer attention.’

Disney researchers also believe that negative rules are extremely useful, noting that it is helpful to have the data to demonstrate that a particular strategy is just not worth pursuing, something that they are beginning to believe about watermark advertising, an etched glass effect behind other website content.

Senior Citizen Employment Is An Amazing National Trend!

Senior citizen employment is an amazing national trend. It is happening because Seniors rank as one of this nation’s most valuable natural resources and treasures. They are positioned right up on top of the intrinsic value charts with gold, petroleum, and that old standby timber.

As the population of seniors mushrooms dramatically, vibrant retirement communities are sprouting up all over the countryside, on every ocean shore and in between.

Youngsters, people not yet fifty years of age, are under the mistaken belief that if anything happens in any of these enclaves, it is done only in painful slow motion.

Little do the uninitiated realize that concentrations of senior citizens are becoming veritable hotbeds of activity.

Most of the usual pursuits in the typical retirement community are still omnipresent, such as sports, recreation, the practice of the arts, furthering personal education and hobbies and the list marches on over the horizon.

But, there is a quiet revolution of activity going on among the older generations. It is redefining what senior employment really means. For example

Retired physicians are becoming very adept at carpentry. Former plumbers are taking up the practice of law. Housewives are becoming licensed accountants and business owners. Pensioned police officers are studying the science of medicine. Retired business owners are becoming active politicians running for office.

What on earth ever happened to the classic portrait of grandma and granddad sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs and napping away the hours as the years dwindle down to a precious few?

Seniors of the present day are definitely not the elder citizens of eras past.

Retirement today, from an occupation or career, does not mean the end of goals or ambitions like they used to. Instead, it only serves as the gateway to employment dreams that have long been on hold and simmering quietly just below the surface.

The tidal pool of latent talent and education has long existed in retirement neighborhoods and communities.

But, the basic skills that developed over a lifetime of living, and practical experience, multiply wondrously when those skills and experiences are blended in to the response to rapidly developing job opportunities.

The results are a vast, mature group of individuals possessing a strong work ethic molded by education and hands on experience.

In the proverbial nutshell, senior employment is a very valuable and real natural resource.

And the realities of events now developing in the economics of the nation as a whole has increased the potency of this mixture.

Despite the current economic picture of unemployment, specific facts have become very obvious.

The work force in this country is aging, and experts estimate that as many as fifteen million jobs will become vacant through retirement in the coming years.

The existing labor pool in this country is falling far short of younger workers entering the job market to fill vacant positionsand this pace will increase as time marches on, despite the economic recession we are now in.

Topping all of this offSocial Security is rapidly becoming an endangered species.

All of this has created a vast changing environment for any job search. Particularly for senior citizens becoming aware of the trend and are eager to take advantage of growing opportunities.

They are developing marketable skills and savvy about the increasing multitude of employment opportunities.

The doors are now ajar that can lead to a very exciting future for retirees and all seniors!

All they have to do is recognize and step through the beckoning portal!

Earning Money from Selling Advertising Space on the paper

Instance of the delivering of the newspaper: –
It is associated with the normal life of the people that every morning a daily newspaper is delivered at the doorstep which can be used for the study of the case of the business. But it must be known to the general people that the publisher of the newspaper for this purpose the publisher of the newspaper must hire reporters, writers, journalist and other various staff person who help him to complete the task and delivering the newspapers to the readers. But in addition to this a lot of investment had to be made in paying the duty of the machineries and also for the tons of the paper which is required for the newspaper on the daily requirement. Also to ensure the proper delivery of the newspaper to the readers on time, various agents are appointed by the publisher in different parts of the territory which successfully do the work.
Earning of the newspaper agency from selling advertising: –
Now the question rises, if the newspaper is spending so much in making their paper popular brands and making every effort to reach to the home of a user then how the company of the newspaper makes money? It is much obvious that just by selling a copy of the newspaper and that too at a low cost of 1$ one cannot achieve even his basic funds to perform the basic operations.
The answer to this is that by just selling the advertising spaces of the newspaper columns. Very often many advertisements can be regularly seen in the newspaper. It is possible if the newspaper agency sells his advertising space to the advertisers and the other companies who are popularize their brands and the products and also want to gain high leadership by making such efforts of buying the advertising in the newspaper.
Similarly more money can be made with the help of the newsletter. It is possible to just sell off the advertising space to the different advertisers for their future purpose. For example if a person wants to go for the mailing and the word size is around 1000 then it is recommended for the advertiser to go for the buying of the advertising space which can be available at 10$ per sponsor ads. This can be an effective way to popularize the product and conveying the message.
In this way, a person can turn his every issue which he sends to his respective subscribers and hence leading to a profit-pulling device. Since there is no end of the advertisements made by the advertisers for making their product or different services and making their business grow, many advertisers are going for the buying of the advertising.

A Great Wizardry Tip For Optimizare Seo

While a lot of people go a little crazy thinking life isn’t that fair, others know they can take things on if they’re dedicated to start a business. If you’re someone that enjoys innovation you can use these fantastic optimizare seo tips to use for a business./p>

When attempting to use optimizare seo on your site to increase traffic, make sure your site is coded well. Poorly coded java can make it difficult for spiders to index your pages. Your website won’t be indexed if it contains a great deal of Flash content and does not have alternate textual descriptions.

You should look at the source codes on the websites of your competitors. This can give you insight on how a successful website operates and help you develop your own successful website. Even though you might not want to imitate them, this research can help you think of different keywords and other things to try.

Remain patient when attempting to boost your site’s optimizare seo value, remember that it’s not going to all happen overnight. You are not going to realize a major change in your traffic overnight. On the contrary, it can take several months if your site is fairly new. Remember that it takes some time to get your name built up.

Pick a domain name which has your desired keyword in it. Picking a keyword that people search for as your URL will ensure that your website is easier to find in search engines. Not all of your site traffic will be generated by affiliate advertisements, but also from people searching directly for your products or services.

Go to the websites of competitors and view their source codes. This can give you insight on how a successful website operates and help you develop your own successful website. You may not want to be like them, but it will give you ideas.

Your keyword phrases should appear in your titles too. Make your title relevant and intelligent, because it is the first impression search engine users will get of your site. If you do it this way, the user will click on your website link because it is relevant to what the user was searching for.

Use product feeds to broaden your customer base, increase traffic, and enhance your online presence. Things regarding your business such as prices and product descriptions can be listed in these feeds. Submit them to sites which compare prices and to the major search engines. Customers will also be able to use a feed reader to subscribe to the feed.

Make sure every image on your site has the descriptive “alt” tag. That is the best way to optimize the optimizare seo value for that page. Use these tags to replace pictures if a site visitor disables his or her image display. Search engines dig through and read the alt tags so ensure that they contain your vital keywords.

Article exchange can help you to improve your rankings. When you do article exchanges, you have to post an article from a different website owner while crediting them with you link. Then they can do that for you on an article that you wrote. This is often more effective than just a link exchange and provides both sites with new content.

When trying to get more traffic to your site, you have to work on producing optimized content. Visitors do not stay long on a site if they are not gaining information, which means getting relevant content that will drive traffic.

When trying to achieve higher ranking in search engines, writing unique content should be high on your priorities list. A great way to generate more traffic onto your web site is to have unique content. People stick around when you offer them information that is unique and has great content.

Adding captions to your page is a great optimizare optimizare seo tool to add to your box. Photos can all have captions that relate to your topic, and are a great place to strengthen your keywords.

An effective site map will include your keywords. With all the main pages and links available on one page, it is not only great for search engine optimizare optimizare seo, but also for the convenience of your visitors who may be looking for something on your site. This will increase your search engine rankings, because this sort of tool that supports easy access is highly regarded by the search engine algorithms.

Look into podcasts. Podcasts can be both video and audio, and they are often streamed live with relevant information for their audience. Podcasts are skyrocketing in popularity and are remarkably easy to create. You will then have descriptions of the podcasts show up in search engines.

Try using a service that doesn’t block the information of your domain ownership. This might cause a search engine to regard your site as spam and of course not index your site properly and improve your site rankings.

Search engine bots seek out new material, so when you use a blog to add new material to your website on a regular basis, you are giving the search engine bots an excuse to drop in. People will also share your articles if they are good. As a result, anyone who shares your articles is more likely to visit your site again and again; their friends will too!

Consider using the services of a company that specializes in search engine optimizare optimizare seo. optimizare seo companies optimize your website to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs). There are a number of companies that offer this service at a reasonable price.

Bring your search engine to its full potential by making it have defined parameters. Use definite commands that will give you the most results for whatever you are looking for when you are optimizing a search.

Start to work now, using a few of these tips. It will take some time, but in the end, you will get results.

Advertising Ideas For Today’s Plumbing Business

If you are a plumber and are finding times tough, don’t think that you are Robinson Crusoe and all alone. Many small to medium sized trade businesses are finding the going hard today.

Even the economists can’t agree on what may happen over the next 6-12 months. All the average Joe or Jill can do is use their best common sense based on past performance. This means understanding who your customers are and where they came from. Once you know where your customers are finding your business then you will know where will be the best place to put your reduced advertising spend.

This is not the time to stop advertising and marketing your small business. Too many small plumbing businesses find money is in short supply and so the first thing they are tempted to cut-back on is the advertising. This is the time to take a hard look at where you are spending those advertising dollars and assessing the return on the investment; not for stopping advertising all together. If people don’t know that you exist, then your small plumbing business probably won’t exist much longer.

What you need to do is go over all the jobs you have done in the past 12 months and list down where they found you or who gave them to you if it was another trade or architect/engineer.

This naturally, would be a considerably easier job if you took note at the time of booking or estimating where they found you in the first place. Was it the yellow pages? Was it online? Was it from word-of-mouth (W.O.M)? This will then be the best guide for you as to where you need to advertise again.

If you have been a well-organised business and have always analysed the return of investment in advertising spend, you will obviously be in a much better position now and can act quickly before the leak starts gushing. It is always easier to do anything with money and if you don’t plug the dry-up leak before you ruin your credit rating, then you most likely will find it far too hard to fix the problem if you run out of money and credit at the same time. Once the incoming work/money starts dwindling then is the time to plug the leak; not after everything has disappeared.

Knowing where your past customers have found your business is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to advertise to your target market. You know they have already used your business and providing you haven’t ‘mucked-up’ your nest they no doubt will be happy to look around their home or investment property to see what, if anything, needs to be done or could be done now because you will (I hope) have offered them a 10% discount on any jobs for the next month. Or choose any incentive that you know is likely to appeal to them; to find you those smaller jobs to keep you going.

Every loaf of bread consists of crumbs and if you are needing the crumbs right now, then put them all together and you have a loaf of bread. Plumbing consists of joining pipes into a workable system and that is what every small-medium sized plumbing business today needs to do to survive.

Why seek employment law advice for your small business

While it is perfectly normal for a business owner to want to focus on the most essential processes that contribute to the success and growth of its small business or startup, paying attention to the legal aspects of running a business is also very important. Statutory compliance, staff employment, terms of service and supplier contracts are the areas where professional legal advice services can help secure your business and save money in the long term.

According to a recent report published by the UK Legal Services Board, called In Need of Advice? and based on a YouGov survey of over 9000 British small businesses, 38% of surveyed small businesses experienced one or more legal problems in the past year, out of which employment law issues were second most common situations business owners had to face, right after issues concerning trading. While 45% of surveyed small business owners considered that legal problems have a tangible impact on their business operations and growth, in the majority of cases they dealt with problems entirely on their own (52%), with only 16% of legal problems being solved through professional legal services.

Prepare your small business for future employment law situations

As businesses grow, its almost inevitable that small business owners will have to deal with the occasional difficult employment scenario, the most common issues revolving around employee gross misconduct, unfair dismissal and redundancy. These employment issues can have a negative impact on the overall performance of the business and can quickly escalate and generate loss if the correct legal steps are not followed. This is why seeking employment law advice from the outset helps a small business be prepared to handle any employment situation correctly .

Employment law advice directly from the experts

It is good business practice to seek employment legal advice not only when employee grievances arise or legal action is required, but from the very beginning of your business setup.

Other than offering employment law advice and support in cases of gross misconduct, redundancy and dismissals, an employment law solicitor can play a preventive role, by helping small business owners set up the correct employment contracts, prepare employee handbooks and other essential employment procedures and keep the business up to date on employment legislation.

Affordable employment legal advice

There are many ways in which small businesses that cannot afford a dedicated HR and employment service can still benefit from expert employment legal advice. While engaging a high street employment firm of solicitors on matters requiring legal action in court can prove to be an expensive exercise, small business owners can seek employment law advice with local professional associations and groups, which offer a series of online legal advice resources that any small business can easily access. Another route to take is to engage independent accounting and tax consultants that often include employment solicitors and offer employment law advice and guidance on a retainer arrangement, which is usually the most cost-effective solution for small businesses.

Self Employment Ideas Conquering Seo

There is nothing more confusing than trying to understand SEO (search engine optimization). For every opinion found about SEO, a counter argument is sure to arise. And make no mistake, SEO is vital to internet success. Anyone who has been following my website knows that I have been putting all of my research on self employment ideas to the test. I even purchased a set of tutorials from a well reviewed expert to expedite my business start-up. So, how is it going?

In my last article I mentioned that I was rapidly moving-up in Googles rankings for my specific keyword search. Well, I not only cracked the top twenty websites for my keyword search after a couple of weeks, but I actually earned a few dollars from clicks on my site. I knew this had to be too easy, and it was. The following morning my website fell off the map when I typed in my keywords. I could not find it, anywhere. It was time for more research.

I visited several forums to find answers to what had occurred. Possible causes ranged from being sandboxed by Google to an interesting theory presented by a few expert posts. My first response to the information that I acquired from my research was to revisit Googles webmaster guidelines. After determining that I had not violated any of their guidelines, the theory presented by the few experts I mentioned earlier became more plausible.

The theory is that Google actually gives a boost to new websites after their initial launch. Unfortunately, the honeymoon soon comes to an end. The theory then postulates that the website must now stand on its own. Although know one can be sure of any search engines precise methods, it would appear to be the case in my circumstance. It became clear that I needed to further employ the techniques learned from the tutorials I had purchased.

My first step was to determine whether my site was still indexed with Google. To my relief, it was. Now, I needed to find-out where my site could now be found. For this I enlisted the help of a tool that I discovered online. It turns-out that my site was now on page forty-eight for my keyword search on Google. This is not good, but considering the time that elapsed while I conducted my research into the matter, this may be a huge improvement from where my site originally fell-to after the honeymoon ended. So, where is my website ranked right-now?

As I write this article, my website has moved-up to page thirty-nine. It seems to be moving-up very quickly. I, of course, am adding new articles and content to push my site up in the rankings, as well as to attract new traffic. This is just further proof that there is no magic bullet when it comes to internet marketing. The only real success, when searching self employment ideas online, comes from testing, optimization, and cold hard research. As I mentioned earlier, SEO is vital to internet success. Beware of any advice that suggests otherwise.

Common Outdoor Advertising Methods

Advertising creates a great impact in today world. Innumerable customers are attracted to the information about brands or services that is provided by the various advertisements. Among st the various tools of advertising, outdoor advertising is one of the effective techniques used by advertisers to keep businesses afloat and also to increase product awareness and sales. Wide ranges of outdoor advertiser have so far created a huge impact with their advertisements.

Various forms or methods of outdoor advertising are available such as banner ads, billboard ads, kiosk ads, lamp post ads etc. Banner ads are fixed on the roads, in public places like restaurants and shopping outlets and at various traffic points. Banner ads are helpful for advertisers to target those customers who have little time left to see television and read newspapers. Such category of potential customers can be informed about the different products that are flooding in the market through the usage of banner ads. Banner ads placed at traffic signals and on the roads attract a wide range of potential customers.

Banner ads are either graphic based or content based. Banner advertising provides a good source for promoting your brand. If your banner ad happens to be an attractive one, it can possibly become the talk of the town simultaneously promoting your brand among st the target group. The public will become more familiar with your product or brand. People will start talking about your product and the talks will spread further to even those customers who have not watched your ad.

Billboard Advertising is another form of OOH advertising. Due to their effectiveness, billboards ads are an extremely popular form of OOH advertising. When it comes to attracting the target audience, billboard ads are the best way to do so with their attractive logos which provide an eye-catching look to onlookers. Billboard ads are usually bold and bright and every onlooker is able to understand the content at a glimpse. With their colorful and attractive graphics billboard ads provide an attention capturing look to target audiences.

Other methods of out of home advertising such as kiosk ads, lamp post ads also create the same impact like banner and billboard ads. Digital signage, digital billboards, LCD, LED etc are the latest available options for out of home advertising at present.

Various other modes of outdoor Advertising in India include airport advertising, metro advertising, mall advertising etc. Airport Advertising is one of the effective types of outdoor advertising. Creating a huge impact upon the potential customers, airport ads provide a great medium to promote your brand, service, idea or business etc to your niche target group.

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Advantages Of Free Ads Websites

Advertising by the instrumentality of free classifieds is really on top these times. You can promote your business on thousands of free classified ads websites. And by the way, one good site that youd like to take into account is which offers a great posting service for the UK.

By submitting free classifieds you can sell your own stuff such as your car, guitar, computer etc. or advertise your business. Free ads also offer the possibility to people to buy the desirable things. Purchasing online is a real pleasure for the interested ones- so easy and effective! Thats why free classified ads are considered to be a grand source of big sales.

There are several advantages of posting free classified ads:

Firstly, is totally free of cost. So, you dont have to pay anymore those high charges for advertising on newspapers, TV etc. This refers to huge money savings.

Secondly, you can find your targeted customers from your area using free local classifieds. the above mentioned site provides search in England including ads for its largest cities like Bristol, Cornwall, London, Manchester and many more. Here you can also find free classified ads for Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland/Eire and other countries. So, it also saves time for your marketing research.

If you have a website about your UK business, then you can attract traffic to it availing free classified ads UK. Many free ads UK sites, including, allow you adding your business link to the advertising. Websites devoted to free advertising have plenty of visitors daily which mean that you can sell a lot of the advertised things while getting direct traffic to your site. So, you also save money on your business website promotion.

Free ads help the seeker find the wanted product or service in his the local area. You can find flats to rent, jobs, men and women clothes, businesses for sale, travel tickets, electronics, pets and everything else you need.

Posting takes 1 or 2 minutes which makes it very quick and convenient. You can place ads according to the type of your business and your local area. Therefore in no time your advertising becomes visible for all the website visitors. There are no limits to advertise.

Posting free ads UK has incontestably a beneficial impact on your UK business. Free classifieds serve also as an informational and search support for people that want to buy some good stuff.