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A Security System Makes Us Feel Safer

My husband watches the local news every single day. He loves to know what is going on around the area, It is good that he is that way, because I was the complete opposite. I am like an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand. When I do watch the news with him, there is just so much sadness involved, and I prefer to avoid that. My husband mainly wants to make sure that sadness doesn’t touch us if at all possible, which is why he suggested we look into home security systems a few weeks ago.

He saw on the news where there was another home invasion in the area. We have had them before, but they were miles away in a section of town that is considered to not be so good. This latest home invasion was an elderly woman’s house that is only a couple of miles from us. That was enough to propel him into action. He knew that meant that crime was slowly creeping closer and closer to us, and he wanted to deter criminals from making our house one of their targets.

He looked up home security companies on the Internet, and he saw where ADT Security was not only the most well known company but they also are the most affordable of the different security companies. He thought that we would have to pay for the system and installation, but both of those were free. The only thing we have to pay for is the monthly monitoring service, and that is inexpensive. This has taught me that it is best to know what is going on, and I have started watching the news with him again. It is easier now, knowing that we are a whole lot safer because of the security system that we had installed!