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Avert The Trivial Mistakes In Customer Support

The real business investment lies in making your customers happy and creating a trust about your overall service which is ultimately important to survive in the business world. Hence, customer service is the crucial factor plays a vital role in business development. No matter if you run a small business or a large scale industry, your customer is the king who makes the business thrive or take a nose dive. In this article, I have highlighted the barrier which affects customer service seriously. These are all the stuffs you have to give high preference and take necessary steps to get rid of that.

Petty things also create huge problems. Hence, you should take each and everything into your consideration. Greeting your customer with a pleasant smile, saying “Hello” to your customer within 5 seconds, answer their queries to the best of your ability would make your customers happy. This might be monotonous in a high traffic business yet it is important.

Being inaccessible to the customer:

Customers would feel pathetic if they need to runaround for a simple assistance and it creates a bad impact about your service as well. Hence, always customer support representative should be the first person to attend their queries and take responsibility to assist them through out.

Promoting the best customer service person to management:

It does not mean that the CSE or CSR should be in the same level but we can avoid them pushing into the management department. They are best in handling the customers and they better serve the company upfront rather than sitting behind the door. They have to get promoted to the next level that may be as a trainer or customer support manager and they are capable of getting a considerable raise in their salary as well.

They would have more personal experience being a CSE and they will be able to provide effective training to other workers. It is good to keep them as a first contact rather than hiding them in an office.

Attend to the complaint calls:

Complaint calls are the opportunity for you to correct your mistakes and sometimes it would help us to know the expectation of the customers. Hence, do not hesitate to handle complaint calls. Let your customer know that you are having concern to resolve the issue. Apologies and sympathize for the inconvenience caused. Do not just end the issue with the refund. Always have a friendly touch with your customer. Ask sorry for the inconvenience, even you know that the customer is wrong.

This would make them to feel satisfied and will be telling this to their friends as well. They would extensively appreciate your service, if you resolve the complaint and helped them in a quick turn around time.

Lack of attention:

You should provide your 100% mental attention when you are speaking with your customer. Continuously asking for the spelling of their names or pronouncing the spelling or names incorrectly would make them tired. Do not ask unnecessary or silly questions to them. It is required to get the details properly at the same time you should not probe them repeatedly. To achieve this, you should concentrate completely on the task you are doing.

Customer Retention:

Customer retention is also important to endure the business competition. We cannot decide that the sales came to an end by placing an order or completing the payment. It is also important how the sale is handled as this will ultimately determine the next order from the same customer. Do not just work for the sale comes in, always your work should pitch for the next order. There are lot of bureaucratic delays may happen but call the customer and explain the situation clearly and make sure that they are 100% happy.

The customer loyalty is built on each trivial thing you do. A pleasant smile, saying “hi”, asking sorry and a “Thank you for waiting” etc are also counts. These are the things that create nice impression on the customer. The above points are the common mistakes that most of the customer service department do. Good customer support is always significant. It is really important to create a positive attitude on your customer by exceeding their expectations.