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Obama calls for stricter gun laws, wants support for “common sense” gun control measures

In an intense event live broadcast on TV, President Obama once again reiterated his intention to enforce stricter gun control measures. Pressed by gun rights activists, the president also reassured gun owners that he had no intentions of confiscating their weapons. The president was speaking on Thursday, January 14, the same day he swore not to “campaign for, vote for, or support” any electoral candidate who did not support what he calls “common-sense” gun control measures.

In an Op-Ed article published by the New York Times, Mr. Obama urges Americans who support his ideas to join him in electing new lawmakers to congress, arguing that gun control must be a collective effort much like civil rights campaigns in the past.

“We want you (the responsible gun owners) who grieve with us after every mass shooting to stand with us,” said the president. “All you who support common sense gun safety and who feel that their views are not properly represented must start demanding that leaders heed the voices of the people who elect them.”

Coming in the election year, it appears like the president is reminding Democrats campaigning to succeed him not to stray too far from his ideas. The good news is that Mrs. Hillary Clinton has been pushing aggressively for tighter gun control measures while the other leading candidate Mr. Sanders has also shown support for Mr. Obama’s actions.

It is,however, likely that Democratic candidates in conservative rural areas might lose the support of Mr. Obama. Some of the high-profile Democrats opposed to the gun control measures have already been defeated or have retired. They include Senators Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, and Mark Begich of Alaska.

Initially, gun owners had feared that the push for tighter gun control was simply a conspiracy to take away their guns. But the emotional President assured them that they were safe with their firearms.

“I respect the Second Amendment; I respect the right to bear arms,” he said. All we want is to “keep guns out of the hands of people who would cause other people harm.”

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