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Effective Ad Layout For Print Advertising

Knowing how to create effective ad layout for print advertising is more important today than it once was. Print media is on a slow but steady decline. If you have chosen print advertising for your business, your layout must impress and inspire. Get the reader’s attention, and then give them a reason to want your product or service. Readership is down. There are fewer people viewing print ads. Your ad must be compelling enough to draw those readers in. What are the key points to effective ad layout for print advertising?

There is something to be said for keeping your ad as brief as possible. The attention span of the average American is shorter than it once was. People are used to the quick, easily accessible information found on the web. Get their attention, make your point and give them a reason to spend their money on your product or service. Keeping ads short and sweet has another benefit. It costs less! Effective ad layout for print advertising is short and delectably sweet.

Take a look at the other ads in your chosen publication. What can you do to make yours stand out? Why should someone do business with you instead of your competitor? The answer to this question is your benefit headline. Bold lettering on open space works best; dont crowd the ad with too much information. If the ad is too busy, your message will get lost. A catchy phrase or statement that leaves them wondering is another good way to get the attention of your readers.

Now that you have the attention of your readers, it’s time to sell your concept. Use brief sentences describing your business. Make it clear why they should use you over your competitor. Avoid slanderous statements. ‘Our free estimates are really free!’, might be one example. It may also help to cite your experience or education. Use any brief statement that puts your business in a positive light. Tie your benefit headline in with your statements for an effective ad layout.

Your reader has been drawn in by your attention grabber (benefit headline). They’ve read what you have to say and they may use your business next time they need your service or product. How do you make sure this happens soon? One of the advantages of print advertising is that coupons and specials can be included in your ad. Businesses can attach samples to print ads. These freebies leave the customer wanting more. Add ons and coupons are an extremely effective ad layout option for some types of print advertising.

Effective ad layout for print advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. Begin by thinking about the major selling points of your business. Use a benefit headline with compelling information to draw readers in. Make several brief statements that set your business above the competition. Avoid slanderous statements. Finally, include an add on, such as a coupon or free sample that brings the customer into your business. These simple steps combine to make an effective ad layout for print advertising.