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Getting favorable results with a Chicago security deposit lawyer

At some point in time, most renters have a problem with their landlords. However, renters in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois have some protection. Chicago residents are protected under the Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) and Evanston Residents are protected under the ERLTO. Landlords used to be able to withhold security deposits from renters who returned their keys late or moved out a couple of days late. Thanks to savvy Attorneys like Mark Silverman, that’s no longer the case. Silverman is a Illinois tenants lawyer. He specializes in helping dissatisfied renters get their security deposits back. He has taken some of these cases all the way to the Illinois Appellate courts.

The Evanston Renters Rights law is unique in that it requires landlords to account for and return security deposits within 21 days after the renter moves out. This is the law even if the landlord wants to keep the security deposit because the renter didn’t pay the last month’s rent. Silverman received a favorable ruling in one of his appellate cases concerning ERLTO, Nadhir v. Saloman, 2011 IL App (1st) which set forth that a landlord had to maintain the 21-day rule, even if they couldn’t get an estimate for damages in 21 days.

The Chicago RLTO offers more protection for renters. Under Chicago law, a tenant may break a lease, recover damages for excessive late fees, retaliatory evictions and other violations. Silverman has even been published due to his knowledge of Chicago tenant rights.

A word of warning. In Chicago and most of Illinois it is difficult to break a lease even if the circumstances are beyond your control. If you break a lease, you could owe for months of rent when you didn’t even live at the dwelling. It’s preferable to hire an attorney to help you negotiate your way out of the lease. Silverman has settled hundreds of landlord-tenant matters in favor of his clients–resulting in the return of security deposits and successfully terminated leases. He offers free consultations before taking a case. This Attorney also handles cases for people who’ve been injured on their jobs and at their apartments.