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Lower Your Electric Bill by Lowering the Kilowatt Hour Rate You Pay

My wife and I chat back and forth online while at work. We get our jobs done, and we just have the little chat window open on our email tab while we work. The little beep in our headphones is notification of a message. Normally we just chitchat and it also has the ability to send doodles you can draw. We have fun with that too. The other day she sent me a link that showed how to save money on our electric bill. I guess she sent me that because I was complaining about how much it was costing us every month.

We have a pool and the filter and heater run a lot in the fall and spring months. It is not a huge pool, but I was surprised at how much electricity it uses every month. We already use the energy saving light bulbs. We even unplug our phone chargers when they are not charging the phones. We are not ones to leave lights on either. We walk around just with the glow of the LED nightlights most of the time.

Heating appliances and motors use a lot of electricity. The link my wife sent me showed me that we could save a considerable amount on our monthly electric bill. The reason is that we were paying way too much per each kilowatt hour used. I had no idea. If you look on your electric bill, it may say something like KwH rate or kilowatt hour rate. It is usually only a few cents per kilowatt hour, but a normal house uses quite a bunch of them in a month. Getting a better rate saves us money. I knew we could change electricity providers here in Texas, but I did not know that there could be such a wide variable in how much we could actually be paying for our electricity.