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Started to Work on the New Rental House

Mitch and I took a good while haggling before we bought this house, there are a lot of things wrong with the place and it only made sense for us if we could get it at a steep discount. I really do not intend to get started on it myself until the plumbing is sorted out. We need to find some company that does a good job of drain cleaning in Bronx NY. Right now the whole house is basically uninhabitable because the smell is so strong. That made it really hard for us to do a good job of inspecting the place. It was hard to believe the previous owner had done nothing to solve this problem. It is not too difficult to see that it is going to run off most buyers. People like us are in the business of buying homes which need a lot of work. At any rate once it is possible to go in this place I am probably going to just gut everything. The kitchen and the bathrooms are really beyond salvage. There is a good deal of water damage around the tub and the floor has subsided around the tub. We need to get down to the sub flooring and replace the entire thing. That is going to be a pretty nice job, but it is not anything that I have not done before. There are some good things, the place has a good bit of hardwood floor. Right now they do not look very nice, but that is something that you really want to see if you looking to fix up a house. It is not that hard to fix them up so that the hardwood will shine like new money. At least it is not hard compared to the rest of the project.